How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree In Columbus Ohio

Types of Tree Removal & Cost

Our tree removal services began in 2004 and since then we have been enjoying working to provide Columbus Ohio with high quality arborist services including removing trees, tree trimming, stump removal, and other general tree health maintenance services. Our extensive removal service experience means we’re equipt to undergo many types of tree removal. Our tree removal team has experience with felling, man lift tree removal, crane removal, and traditional tree removal. We have experience rigging, taking trees down section by section if the tree can’t be cut at the base, and effectively removing trees from crowded spaces. Our team of Certified Arborists closely examines each tree to determine the best type of tree removal for every job to ensure safety for individuals involved and any nearby property, as well as the most effective techniques.

The Factors & Price of Tree Services:

Tree removal cost varies based on a variety of factors. An initial price indicator is the size of the tree, both in diameter and height. A very basic price breakdown for removal from small to large ranges from, as low as $400 to $1400. The removal cost for smaller trees (8-15’ tall) is around $400, medium trees (15-40’ tall) around $800, and larger trees (40-80’ tall) being around $1400, depending on the type of removal, how close it is to a home, and other incidental factors. In some situations the removal costs are impacted by factors like the location of the tree, and nearby targets such as houses, patios, and electrical wires, the condition and health of the tree, and how accessible the tree is for any equipment an arborist may require to safely and effectively remove a tree. To get a better understanding of the tree removal cost for a tree at your home or business in the greater Columbus area call or request an estimate today.

Columbus Ohio Tree Trimming, Stump Removal, & Tree Services

Beyond our removal service we offer both health and beauty focused tree services. We offer Dead Wooding to remove problematic dead limbs from trees, Clearance Pruning for trees located near a home or other building, Crown Reduction in cases where this is necessary to reduce stress on a tree, and Corrective Pruning to encourage proper and healthy growth.

Columbus Tree Stump Removal

An important part of tree removal is the stump removal. When completing a tree removal we are able to remove any visible tree stump from the area. Cleaning the debris of a tree allows for every nearby tree and wildlife to flourish and encourages a healthy ecosystem. Stump grinding is a process that eliminates the tree stump permanently. We take great care when stump grinding to separate the roots properly so regrowth of the tree is never an issue. After removal and stump grinding we take special care to remove all debris and leave the site cleaner than prior to the stump removal.

The Columbus Tree Removal & Tree Service Experts

Delaware Tree Care

Servicing the greater Columbus area for nearly a decade, two firefighter brothers started Joseph Tree in 2004. With extensive training, research, and years of experience they are professionalizing the tree removal industry. Michael and David Joseph are proud to be raising the bar of Columbus tree removal, tree trimming, and other tree services alongside their passionate and driven team of certified arborists. Ensuring that our customers in the Columbus Ohio area have access to highly skilled tree removal experts that produce quality work is very important to the Joseph brothers.

Responsible Columbus Tree Arborists 

While we specialize in tree removal, the health and wellness of every tree in the Columbus area is just as important to us. We joined the International Society of Arboriculture to better understand best practices for maintaining healthy trees. We follow the guidelines set by the American National Standards Institute to continue proving the best care for each tree we work with. We believe that all tree services should be implemented with the health of every tree in mind to keep every tree in Ohio thriving, and have built a program entirely based around 6 major  key principles.

Benefits of Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, and Maintaining Trees

Our tree services aim not only to provide customers with excellent service, but help maintain the health of each tree we work with. Because every tree is alive and constantly changing, tree trimming helps to maintain the health and create longevity. There are different reasons for tree trimming, and our team of seasoned experts have experience determining the best steps in order to keep every unique tree healthy and thriving. When it comes to tree trimming we believe that there is a responsibility to put the health of the tree first and always emphasize health and safety as to never cause damage to a tree unnecessarily. If you have any questions regarding tree service costs, don’t hesitate to call us or request an estimate online. Our years of experience in tree trimming and other tree maintenance is helping to keep the trees of the Columbus Ohio community thriving.

Replacing Trees & Adding Additional Trees

Beyond tree removal we offer tree replacement and can add additional trees. Including this with our removal service can save you time and money instead of having to revisit the project at a later date and needing to get additional estimates. The cost of adding trees can even be offset by the increase in property value it can bring. Additional trees also increase the aesthetic value of your yard. When placed correctly a tree can lower the cost of cooling a building by providing shade and increasing the energy efficiency of your home during the Ohio summers. In addition a beautiful landscape that has an abundance of shade can provide a comforting and calming environment.

Protecting the trees of Ohio

Trees can live hundreds and even thousands of years. Every tree deserves comprehensive and proactive tree care to help it continue to thrive. We believe in educating every client about each tree on their property, understanding the acceptable pest levels within and around a tree, taking special care to observe and test each tree, and we believe in respecting each tree by being responsible with the chemicals we use during our treatment.

Get a Quote from the Columbus Forest Specialists

Joseph Tree is proud to be turning Columbus tree trimming and tree removal into a professional industry. With every type of tree service we offer, from tree stump removal, tree pruning, to tree replacing we believe in being responsible and keeping the existing trees of Columbus healthy and thriving. If you are curious about what the tree removal cost may be for a project you’re working on please reach out to us today. We can provide a tree removal estimate and then come to your site to better determine what tree service is best for you.