Tree Trimming
in Columbus, Ohio

Simply put, your trees need maintenance. Trees are a living thing, constantly growing and changing. They may need corrective action taken to ensure their lifelong health or need limbs removed because they are dead and cause a safety hazard. No matter the tree trimming services needed, our certified arborists are experts in determining the best course of action for your trees.

We have years of experience serving the Columbus, Ohio community and keeping the local trees happy and healthy. Our primary service area is Franklin County and the surrounding suburbs including: Upper Arlington, New Albany, Worthington, Westerville, Dublin, Powell, and more. The status of your trees can directly impact the enjoyment of your property, and also your property value should you ever sell your home. There is no substitute for certified, local tree experts. We provide corrective pruning, dead wooding, clearance pruning, and crown reduction tree trimming services.

Learn Our Tree Trimming Methods

Corrective Pruning

Early in a tree’s life, it is important to prune to encourage a dominant main-stem leader. This service also would include removal of a tree’s diseased, rubbing and broken limbs. Every leaf is a source of food for the tree, so we always try to keep our wounds as small as possible while still meeting the needs of the tree and homeowners.

Dead Wooding

In some cases, trees have dead limbs that can cause a number of issues. If you aren’t sure if you have dead limbs, contact us for expert advice. Dead wooding is the removal of dead limbs from a tree. We recommend the removal of any dead limb that is 2-3″ and larger at the base as well as broken or hanging limbs in the tree.

Clearance Pruning

Depending on where your trees are located, clearance pruning may be needed. We suggest 10 feet of vertical clearance from your roof. Also, no branch should be touching the side of your home or business. It’s also recommended to have 10 to 12 feet of clearance from the ground to allow for easy travel under the tree.

Crown Reduction

Most of the time reducing the crown of a tree is harmful but sometimes there is no other option. Our certified arborists are experts in determining when the right time for crown reduction is. In these situations, we are able to prune the tree to reduce stress. This is NOT topping! Topping has been proven to be a devastating pruning technique for both the tree and homeowner.

Our Process

Process 1

Consultation & Inspection

We determine your needs and the best course of action, choosing the best pruning method and the type of equipment needed to complete the job. The sales arborist will try to determine the best method of accomplishing the pruning, keeping safety and the client’s goals as a top priority, while also keeping long term tree health in mind.

Process 2

Estimate Approval & Schedule Service

Once you have a thoroughly laid-out plan for your tree pruning, we work with you right away to schedule your service on a specific date that works for you.

Process 3

Crew Assessment

Our team of Columbus Certified Arborists will assess the work-site and the scope of your project to determine the best pruning method in accordance with ANSI 300 and any equipment that may make the job safer or run more efficiently. Crews will take note of wet or low spots in the landscape, lawn ornaments or items that may be at risk of damage, and get a general understanding of the layout to assist in a smooth and hopefully accident-free operation.

Process 4

Tree Pruning

It’s time to get to work! Our Columbus crew will use industry-leading climbing and rigging techniques and equipment to ensure your project is done safely and up to the standards of our Certified Arborists. We always strive to use any equipment that will make the process safer or more efficient, while also avoiding the use of heavy equipment if lawn damage is possible.

Process 5

Clean Up Tree Debris

Once we have finished your tree pruning, we begin the cleanup process. We work to keep your surrounding trees and wildlife healthy and thriving, and leave the work site as neat and clean as we found it, or better!

Process 6

We’ll Prepare Your Invoice

After the cleanup process, your final invoice will be issued. We work to make sure every project is done to our customer’s satisfaction and exceeds expectations.

Client Reviews

We Don't Just Talk to Trees

"Joseph Tree Service did an outstanding job of removing my Elm from my backyard. They have state-of-the-art equipment, their workers are courteous and friendly, and also very knowledgeable. I would definitely use them again."

Five Star Review

Mike Trucco, Columbus

"Very professional and awesome crew who a great job, I would recommend you guys to anyone!"

Five Star Review

Trey Duplessie

"Outstanding job. I am so sorry about the issue of our neighbor who owns the field next door and the time you had to spend talking with them. Thank you for straightening this out. We are happy to recommend Joseph Tree Service to our friends and neighbors."

Five Star Review

Steve Luther

"Very pleased with the work Joseph Tree service did for me. They were courteous, worked quickly and efficiently and they made sure I was happy with job before they left."

Five Star Review

Brian Miller

"Very polite and professional! Had a great experience spending money, which is hard to say. 😉 Thanks so much!"

Five Star Review

Bethany Martineau

"The crew from Joseph Tree Service lived up to there core values 1.To perform the highest quality work 2.To operate with honesty and integrity 3.To treat people the way we would want to be treated."

Five Star Review

Marvin Howard

"Very satisfied with all aspects of service. The job was quoted quickly and fairly. The work was completed sooner than estimated. David, Michael and crew were professional and personable. They did a great job with the clean up. Would recommend their services without reservation!"

Five Star Review

Shira Thompson

"I was extremely pleased with the entire process with Joseph Tree Service. The initial meeting was scheduled very quickly and the work was done in a timely and professional manner. The whole experience was great. Thank you!"

Five Star Review

Karen Miller

"The crew that did the work were polite, arrived on time, kept us fully informed on what they were finding, helped us troubleshoot some decisions, and thoroughly cleaned up all debris at the end. We are having Joseph Tree Service come back out again in the spring for some additional work."

Five Star Review

Jen Brandt

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you trim a tree?
It depends on the age of your tree. Generally, for mature trees, you will need to prune them every 3 to 5 years. Younger trees should be every 2 to 3 years.
Can I trim my own trees?
It is important to consult a certified arborist before trimming your own trees. An expert will know the correct way to prune to ensure your trees stay healthy and live a long life.
When should you not trim trees?
Each tree will have a different trimming season. It’s important to consult an expert that can do a thorough examination before trimming. If it’s done in the wrong season, it can worsen diseases and jeopardize the health of your trees.
Does cutting off dead branches help a tree?
As a general rule, cutting off dead branches may help a tree, but every situation can be different. When done properly, cutting off a dead branch will allow the tree to focus on the healthy branches and promote more growth.

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