What Are the Signs Your Tree Needs Emergency Removal?

Signs You May Need Emergency Tree Removal

If you have trees on your property it is helpful to keep a close eye on them occasionally looking for changes in their growth and overall behavior. Having a professional arborist inspect your trees will give you a better idea of the state of their health and if any tree removal services will be necessary. Checking on the health of the tree trunk, leaves, roots, and more will allow you to contact a tree expert earlier on as soon as the signs of decay or disease begin.

Tree Lean

It is natural for trees to have a lean in their growth pattern, often caused by trees shifting from extreme weather, age, or the ground shifting over time. However, it is important to recognize signs that your tree may be leaning too far. This is an indicator that the structural integrity of the tree may be wavering and it may be time to contact a tree specialist about emergency tree removal. If a tree has a lean over 20 degrees, or you have noticed a significant change in your tree’s lean over a short period of time it would be a good idea to have an arborist come inspect the tree.

Touching Power Lines

While this may seem obvious to many, if your trees have limbs that are rubbing against power lines this is a clear sign you need an emergency tree service. This may not mean your tree needs removal, but having a tree specialist inspect the tree is very necessary. It could just mean your tree is due for a tree trimming, which could solve the issue. It also could mean your tree needs removal and is posing a serious risk to you and your surrounding area. Wildfires and other dangerous events have begun from trees touching against powerlines. Approach this situation with caution since this could be signs of tree decay

Bare Branches

Bare tree branches during periods of the year when leaves are growing could mean the tree is suffering from some sort of sickness. Signs of sickness can vary depending on the health of the tree, but if a tree is losing branches it could mean the tree is dying. If this is one of the only signs the tree is sick it is unlikely emergency removal is necessary, however it is still important to have a tree expert inspect the trees on your property. If ignored the tree may lose more branches which could impact the structural support of the entire tree. A tree specialist will be able to better determine if an emergency tree removal is necessary, or if a simple tree trimming will suffice.

Root Exposure

There are a few different reasons why exposed roots could call for a tree removal, however it is difficult to tell the signs without a background in tree health. In the event that many of your tree’s roots are exposed this could be an indicator that your trees aren’t properly anchored into the soil. This creates a dangerous situation where a tree may fall over if pushed by heavy winds. A tree that isn’t anchored well could fall on a home, powerline, or hurt anyone standing nearby. If one of your trees has exposed roots it is important to have a tree expert inspect the tree to determine if the signs point to an emergency and if removal is necessary.

Tree Trunk Damage

The first signs of a damaged tree trunk is that you may notice large cracks penetrating deep into the tree’s trunk. Because the inside of a trunk is more susceptible to illness and disease it will rot significantly faster. This means when you notice a large cavity, hallowed out hole, or deep cracks it is likely the inside has already started to rot. These are clear signs the tree is no longer healthy and should be inspected by a tree professional quickly. This could be an emergency situation and call for an emergency tree removal to avoid harm coming to any nearby property. Once inspected a tree expert will be able to schedule a tree removal if necessary.

Fallen Tree Branches

If your tree is frequently losing branches this may be one of the signs that the tree isn’t in the best shape. Because of dangerous weather events trees may lose more branches than normal, which may be a good indicator it is time to have some tree trimming done to clean up any damage done to the tree. However, when branches fall without cause it could be time for a tree removal. It is especially important if large branches fall; this could be an emergency situation. If your tree has many dead branches or is losing branches frequently, call a tree service to have your tree inspected by a professional and schedule an emergency tree removal.

Signs of Tree Disease & Tree Mildew

Because there are many different tree diseases that a tree can contract there are a variety of unique signs. If the tree has begun growing leaves that are stunted or look different, the tree has leafless branches, or you have noticed an insect infestation in the tree there are all signs to take emergency steps.

Mildew appearing on the tree is dangerous, however it is caused by treatable tree disease. If you happen to notice mildew covering the tree’s trunk or the leaves, speak with a tree professional about the health of your tree. If left untreated, this could lead to a larger widespread mildew problem in the greater area. If bad enough a tree removal may be  suggested by your local tree experts. If possible they will treat the tree quickly to avoid an emergency removal, but don’t hesitate to reach out to a tree expert as soon as possible. Each tree species is quite unique, so it can be difficult to determine if emergency tree removal is necessary, but having the trees on your property inspected by a tree expert will give you peace of mind that you’re not ignoring a serious emergency situation.

Our Emergency Tree Removal Process

The Joseph Tree removal process varies slightly from tree to tree, but as a whole we largely follow a step-by-step procedure to ensure safety and efficiency. We begin with an inspection and consultation to determine if an emergency removal is necessary. From there we create a plan of action to remove the tree. With our confirmed tree removal estimate we get approval from the property owner or manager and schedule the removal. Once on-site the crew will scope the tree removal project to finalize the removal plan. Then will then begin the removal. From there we will use industry-leading equipment and expert techniques to remove the tree safely and efficiently. Afterwards we will clean up the area and our site liaison will provide a final invoicing and go over the work we have completed.

Emergency Tree Care: Tree Removal

As expert arborists we have extensive experience in both tree care and tree removal. We have performed countless tree removals both in residential and commercial areas. With a variety of removal techniques at our disposal we can fell trees with a chainsaw or get permits to have your tree removed by crane if necessary. Regardless of your emergency tree removal situation our team can handle the removal with ease.

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We provide a wide variety of tree care and removal services. We have a full staff of highly trained professionals to handle any tree removals. Call us today to speak to one of our team members about our tree removal services.

Tree Removal Estimates

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