What Kind Of Maintenance Does A Tree Need?

The Importance of Tree Maintenance

While plants and trees can do a great job adapting to their environment and the seasons, in urban environments they can still struggle finding regular access to water, properly enriched soil, space for roots to thrive, and can benefit greatly from proper pruning and tree maintenance. Maintaining trees isn’t just about trimming them in the Summer, but extends into soil testing, soil content, fighting disease, learning about the environment your tree is planted in, and the knowledge of what sort of tree care each species will require in order to maintain a long, healthy life.

Professional Arborists and Tree Experts

Our team at Joseph Tree is composed of passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable professional arborists who not only focus on providing an excellent service but pay special attention to the trees in our care. Our extensive training process gives our arborists the opportunity to truly understand the needs of every tree, what its needs may be, and how to address any health concerns.

The Best Place to Start is A Healthy Environment

When planting trees and planning ahead for tree care and tree maintenance one of the best things you can do is pay attention to the species of tree and where you’re planting them. Environments can have a huge impact on the overall health of a tree from how their roots develop, what kind of soil is nearby, what sort of access to water they have, and whether or not these factors will negatively impact the branches, trunk, or other vital aspects to maintaining a healthy tree. This is the sort of decision one would make when planting new trees in their yard or garden with future maintenance in mind. Scheduling a consultation with one of our team members will help you better understand what species of trees will do best in your environment. Depending on the location trees can either thrive or struggle. An environment includes a good amount of sun exposure, the right type of soil, and correct levels of moisture can really help a tree thrive and grow stronger and more beautiful.

How Disease Impacts a Tree

There are different types of tree diseases and fungi that can attack the tree and the roots causing the health of the trees to suffer significantly, and can even cause the tree to deteriorate and die. An environment that is healthy will have proper amounts of water, nutrient dense soil that has plenty of oxygen, and plenty of sun exposure for the tree to soak up. In environments where trees don’t have a good balance within their environment they become more susceptible to sickness. Trees can suffer from mineral deficiencies and in some cases when the roots are under attack they will be unable to move water up into the trunk and branches meaning many parts of the tree won’t get the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and combat disease.

How Tree Disease Spreads Through Roots

When the environment is healthy, the roots of the trees will be strong. In situations where the roots are fighting disease they may be spreading the diseases from tree to tree through the roots, especially in more dense areas like a tree garden or a forest. In situations where trees are battling a disease infection, or trees are showing stress signs we can do a consultation with homeowners and provide a plan to help reduce stress and create a healthy environment with happy trees.

Tree Insect Infestations

Professional tree care and tree maintenance can keep trees healthy in a variety of ways including fighting insect infestations. A damaged or diseased tree can attract insects and make your tree trunk an ideal home for a pest invasion which can ultimately damage the tree further. Certain tree diseases can attract specific insects which means then the tree will have to fight the insect infestations as well as issues caused by the tree disease. Trees under this sort of strain will struggle to fight off additional diseases and can suffer even more resulting in a rapid decline of health. A professional arborist will understand what type of treatment and care trees with infestations will need and if they can be saved. If pest control has become an issue, reach out to Joseph Tree today for a professional opinion on how best to proceed with treating your trees.

Properly Pruning Trees for Healthy Growth

Regular maintenance for trees should definitely include pruning, but make sure you are working with an arborist that understands how to properly prune a tree to encourage growth and a healthy ecosystem. A tree can benefit from pruning when it comes to disease removal and clearing a damaged branch that can cause additional strain on the tree, however pruning a tree improperly can result in damage to the tree that can impact its overall health.

Trimming Techniques We Avoid

Topping is a tree shaping service that some arborists will offer, however it can cause permanent damage to a branch, impact the root system and even the trunk health. Topping is a term to describe when tree limbs are cut haphazardly without any regard for the type of tree, the overall health of the tree, and disregarding what trees require in order to promote healthy growth. At Joseph Tree we avoid topping at all costs in order to promote overall health and wellbeing of the trees under our care.

Long Term Tree Care Results

Like any living thing, trees carry their history with them throughout their lifetime and proper maintenance and care can help a tree in an urban environment thrive in ways it would otherwise never experience. Creating a healthy environment with regular maintenance not only makes your tree look great but will help protect it years into the future as it builds and maintains a healthy root system.

How Soil Impacts Trees

Soil maintenance is often overlooked when it comes to tree care and general maintenance. Properly balanced soil helps roots thrive, giving them a good environment to grow, soak up water, and provide the tree above with the nutrients needed for it to continue growing into a healthy tree. Depending on the soil mixture, or the moisture content, roots can have a very difficult time getting the right amounts of water and even oxygen, which has an overall negative impact on the health of the tree. Even in circumstances where the soil is rich with necessary nutrients, when the soil is too dry the roots of the tree struggle to collect those nutrients and send them up into the branches.

Oversaturated or Dense Soil

Soil also can deprive the roots of oxygen if it is too dense or has too high of a moisture content. Professional arborists will look for visible signs that your tree is struggling to get these simple but important ingredients that help a healthy tree grow and can provide solutions to get your trees back on track. Packed soil makes it difficult for roots to continue growing which gives them a more stable foundation and provides access to nutrients necessary for the tree to continue to grow.

Watering Trees

As water is one of the main ingredients to a happy, healthy tree we know that irregular access to water, overwatering, and underwatering can all cause issues with trees. As we understand the soil around the tree and inspect things like mulch content, soil dryness, and more we will be able to better understand if your tree is getting an appropriate amount of water on a regular basis.

Tree Maintenance Consultations & Estimates

Our team at Joseph Tree Urban Forest Specialists we take pride in assisting our local community to create a healthy, strong, and thriving network of trees across central Ohio. We work with homeowners, property managers, and business owners to ensure their planted trees are receiving the best maintenance and care possible so they continue to grow and foster a healthy natural environment. Our years of experience with growing, maintaining, and clearing trees has taught us that a tree in an urban setting that is properly maintained and cared for will grow stronger and maintain an overall healthier life than trees that are left to their own defenses. We offer consultations, tree trimming, tree removal, tree maintenance, and services for general tree care to keep your trees growing healthy and strong. Reach out to our team today for an estimate or consultation on how we can help with tree maintenance and maintaining a healthy ecosystem for your trees.