Why Businesses Should Invest In Commercial Tree Service And Maintenance

The Benefits of Commercial Landscaping & Tree Services

Having a team of skilled arborists who have received extensive training means your trees will grow stronger and live longer. We operate at a high standard in our industry and are always improving our techniques and knowledge. As ISA Certified Arborists our team has trained and learned through hands-on experience to provide the best service for our clients. When it comes to commercial trees and landscaping it’s important to work with professionals who have the experience to make the best decisions on behalf of each tree on the property. By doing so we protect the investments of the landscaping that has gone into the property and create a welcoming and beautiful environment for both employees and customers.

Professional Tree Care Protects Landscaping Investments

Overall the cost of tree maintenance is significantly cheaper for a business than dealing with sick trees that die and decay. A tree that dies is an eyesore, and before replacing it a business will have to hire a tree removal service. Replacing trees over and over can add up over time and cost a business a lot of money. Hiring a professional tree service business like Joseph Tree protects your landscaping investment. Keeping a tree maintenance and healthy means not having to deal with the fallout of a dead tree, and having to eat the cost of the investment of planting the tree. Hire professional arborists to handle maintenance and care for your commercial landscaping to avoid unnecessary headaches.

Visual Appeal for the Business

Plants and trees make a business feel more welcoming and inviting and are considered to bring more visual appeal to the business. Proper landscaping can make a commercial property feel like it belongs in the space and is more appealing. When trees receive regular maintenance and care they are healthier and begin to thrive. If a tree doesn’t receive proper care it may wither, be prone to disease and illnesses, and could potentially rot. When working with a professional tree service company you get the benefits of consistently healthy trees that increase the overall visual apparel of the commercial property.

Professional Care Services

When we provide tree services to a business or commercial site our services will be unique to the needs of the business. We work with the business management to learn about any specific tree services they may require, and after inspecting the commercial landscape we provide a maintenance plan. Often commercial tree services include tree pruning and tree trimming, log removal, general maintenance, and clearing of natural debris off the landscaping. Trees can be a large investment and have many benefits including visual appeal, and providing proper maintenance will help them flourish and reduce the likelihood that the trees will need replacing.

Joseph Tree Commercial Tree Care & Maintenance

As professional arborists we have trained to understand how trees respond to different care techniques, what different species of trees need to stay healthy, and how to increase the overall durability and health of different trees. We are firm believers that providing professional care for trees is not only beneficial for the trees themselves, but benefits the business as well. Through proper care and maintenance trees can grow taller, stronger, and wider and many species will last many decades. Utilizing professional arborist services for your commercial property provides your trees with the highest quality of care.

How Trees Benefit from Professional Care

From pruning to soil quality, our team of arborists are truly passionate about providing tailored care to each tree and ensuring they have the best foundation to thrive and flourish. An improved immune system helps trees fight disease and sickness, and through proper care we can mitigate any illnesses a tree may have in order to keep it growing as strong as possible. If your commercial business is looking for tree maintenance or tree service professionals please reach out to our offices to learn more about our care plans.

Additional Services

Joseph Tree has been taking excellent care of trees across Central Ohio for two decades. We have developed a professional standard for modern tree service implementing modern techniques to provide the best care possible. Our tree services include tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, tree health improvement, tree installment, client education, and more. To learn more about our commercial tree service packages talk to one of our arborists today or request a free estimate on our website.

Tree Maintenance Plans

As a team of professional arborists it is important that we provide a unique maintenance approach to each tree we care for. The commercial tree care services we provide will be unique for each business and will depend on things like the landscape, tree species, and other factors. Generally with each business we provide tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, a general maintenance plan, and clearing of logs and other debris. We will meet with the management team of the business to learn about their maintenance needs and provide information on what tree service care plan we believe will best suit their needs. When working with a professional arborist we provide individual care for each tree so they can flourish and remain as healthy as possible.

Basic Tree Service Plan

With Joseph Tree’s Basic Care Plan we provide both regular tree care and maintenance with more thorough tree services. We offer this tree care plan as a monthly cost or a fixed annual fee. An arborist will provide soil and foliar testing in order to better understand the state of the trees. We will implement a round of Soil Health – Vittal Blend, a completely organic biochar and humates to give the trees a nutrient boost. We will provide tree trimming services to make sure trees aren’t getting too close to commercial buildings, or hanging too low over roads, parking lots, or sidewalks.

Each year a Certified Arborist will schedule and implement 3 site inspections of the commercial property. We do this to ensure that the maintenance care is not only helping the trees flourish, but also to understand if the Basic Care Plan needs to be adjusted to ensure the health of each tree. We can provide updates and information to the commercial site management team and find solutions for any concerns they may have.

Complete Tree Service Plan

The Complete Care Plan includes another layer of care for the trees on your commercial landscape. This service too is offered as a monthly plan or an annual plan. With the Complete Care Plan a business will have the benefits of the Basic Care Plan including standard tree services, regular tree maintenance services, as well as the 3 site inspections per year.

This care plan also includes additional inspections, interventions, and emergency responses. Any tree that may die while under the care of Joseph Tree professionals is guaranteed to be replaced. If the business wants to replace a tree for another reason we provide tree removal and installation at a discounted price.

Contact Joseph Tree

We believe in providing excellent quality service for both our residential and commercial clients. If you are in search of a team of arborists to provide maintenance and care for your trees, call us to learn more about the services we provide. We are excited to learn about how we can serve your business and ensure your trees stay healthy and continue to grow strong. Call Joseph Tree today to set up a site visit with an arborist who can help you determine the best care plan for your business, or request an estimate for any other services you need!