Do you know the difference between an arborist and a landscaper? The short answer is that arborists are tree specialists, while landscapers are land specialists. There are some overlaps between the professions, but for the most part, they are extremely different. So who should you call when you need yard work? Well, it depends on the jobs you need done and how dangerous they are.

Arborists vs. Landscapers


Arborists are tree surgeons that specialize in preventative tree care. We’re called arborists because we practice arboriculture: the cultivation, management, and study of trees and other perrenial woody plants. Arborists use nutrients, fertilizers, and pest control treatments to keep trees healthy. We’re also trained to handle dangerous jobs like tree removal, tree trimming, tree planting, and stump grinding.

Here’s a list of services you should call an arborist for:

Arborist Services

• Tree Removal
• Tree Trimming
• Tree Planting
• Tree Health Assessments
• Preventative Tree Care
• Stump Grinding


Landscapers are land specialists that take care of lawns, shrubs, gardens, and irrigation systems. While arborists study arboriculture, landscapers are more concerned with horticulture: the art of garden cultivation and management. Landscapers can also install artificial elements on a property, like paths, walls, and decorations.

Here’s a list of services you should call a landscaper for:

Landscaper Services

• Lawn Care
• Shrub Care
• Gardening
• Hardscaping
• Irrigation Systems
• Minor Tree Pruning

More Differences Between Arborists and Landscapers

If you’re like most people, you’re probably looking for one landscaping company that can handle all of your property’s land and tree needs. And we don’t blame you! However, here are some important reasons why you should hire an arborist for your tree services:


Arborists are highly trained to perform dangerous services like emergency tree removal and tree trimming. Our team at Joseph Tree is trained to climb trees and handle dangerous equipment in the safest manner possible. Each of our crews has at least one ISA certified arborist to supervise dangerous jobs.


Another important difference between arborists and landscapers is the liability insurance they carry. Arborists carry broad liability insurance to protect themselves and the property owner in case an accident occurs. Landscapers often don’t carry as much liability insurance, so they may not be covered for accidents related to tree work. If you hire a landscaper to do dangerous tree work, make sure they’re covered.


Some landscapers know a lot about trees, but arborists are tree experts. If you want to ensure the health and safety of your trees, hiring an arborist is the way to go. We handle tree maintenance services like tree removal and tree pruning, and we’re also experts in preventative tree care. Our passion is using nutrients, fertilizers, and pest control treatments to keep trees healthy.

Emergency Tree Services

Landscapers can perform minor tree pruning, but you should always call an arborist for emergency tree services. Here are a few situations where you should definitely call an arborist:

Tree Removal

You should always call an arborist for tree removal services. Arborists have the skills, experience, and equipment to safely remove trees of all sizes. Certified arborists also carry the proper liability insurance for these jobs.

Tree Work Near Houses, Buildings, Roads, and Power Lines

Tree work near houses, buildings, roads, and power lines are especially dangerous. To avoid injuries and property damage, always call an arborist for tree services near these structures.

Large Tree Work

Tall trees present unique challenges. Attempting to trim large trees without the proper training and equipment can result in serious injuries. Arborists are trained to use cranes, man lifts, and other equipment to safely trim or remove large trees.

Sick Trees

Sick trees are dangerous as well. Their branches can break off and fall on people below. If you suspect you have a sick tree, call an arborist to assess it. A trained arborist can treat, trim, or remove the tree to make the area safer for passersby.

FAQs on Arborists vs. Landscapers

What tree services can landscapers handle?

It depends! Some landscapers may be trained to perform tree services. In general, however, the only tree service they should be performing for you is minor tree pruning. Landscapers don’t always have the training or the tools to perform tree work properly. It’s best to leave most tree services to an arborist. If you want to hire a landscaper for tree services, make sure they have the skills, experience, and liability insurance for the job.

What lawn services can arborists handle?

It depends! We don’t want to speak for all arborists, but in general, we prefer to just do tree work. We’re not lawn experts, but we can certainly give you advice on the health of your property’s woody plants and soil. We can also remove shrubs and brushes from your property. Visit our Honeysuckle Removal Page to learn more.

Joseph Tree Services

Contact Joseph Tree for tree services in the Columbus Ohio area today. Our arborists perform the following services for residential and commercial customers in Columbus:

Tree Removal

We can quickly and safely remove trees from your property in a number of ways. Our teams are trained in traditional tree removal, crane removal, man lift removal, and felling. We follow all OSHA and ANSI safety practices when performing tree removal. Contact us today to get an estimate.

Tree Trimming

Your trees need regular maintenance to stay healthy. Our team can perform corrective pruning, dead wooding, clearance pruning, and crown reductions to keep your trees in the best shape possible. Call us today to get a tree trimming estimate.

Tree Planting

We plant trees for both residential and commercial customers in the Columbus, Ohio area. Our team can help you choose the best types of trees for your property and advise you on where to plant them. Contact us today to get a tree planting estimate.

Preventative Tree Care

As arborists, keeping trees healthy is our specialty. When you choose Joseph Tree for tree care services, we’ll implement a comprehensive tree health program that includes pruning, health and pest treatments, and cultural controls. Contact us today to get an estimate on our tree care services.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps are safety hazards that can attract pests, mold, and fungi. If you don’t remove stumps, sometimes the roots will keep growing. At Joseph Tree, we remove tree stumps the right way to prevent regrowth. Contact us today for an estimate on stump removal.

Commercial Tree Services

Are you a property manager in Columbus, Ohio, looking to save money on tree care costs? Joseph Tree offers commercial tree care plans that can improve the beauty and safety of your property. Contact us today to learn more about our tree care plans.