Team Member Spotlight – Zack

Name: Zack Shier

What got you into the industry and what is your favorite part?
Originally I just needed a job, and a friend’s wife knew of a small tree service hiring full time employees. As I started working for Joseph Tree and saw what the industry was about, I got more enthusiastic about tree care. I changed my major to Forest Ecosystem Management and the rest is history.
My favorite part about the industry is meeting like minded companies who are coming up with modern approaches and cool processes that move the industry forward professionally and technically.
How long have you been with Joseph Tree?
I’ve been with Joseph Tree for a little over 8 years.
What is your favorite thing to do at Joseph Tree?
I really enjoy training employees on plant health care and talking business development as a team.
What do you like to do when not at work?
I enjoy riding motorcycles with my wife(we each have our own), jumping in muddy puddles with my 2yr old son, and shooting pistols competitively in USPSA.
What is your favorite movie?
Depending on my mood, either a well directed action movie like Hidalgo or Saving Private Ryan, or any Judd Apatow comedy movie.
What is your favorite vacation spot?
The two most interesting places I’ve traveled to for fun were Costa Rica and Malaysia. But I would love to visit the Pacific Northwest as well as the Grand Canyon area of the Southwest US.
What is a random fact about yourself?
I have a poem published in a Veterans’ poetry book: “In Love and War: The Anthology of Poet Warriors” (check it out on Amazon).