Terms & Conditions

The client, by accepting this estimate, agrees to all conditions and terms specified herein.

JTS is insured for liability resulting from injury to persons or property (excluding: driveways and sidewalks) and all employees are covered by Ohio Worker’s Compensation.

JTS warrants that the work to be performed will be accomplished in a neat and professional manner by experienced personnel. All tree care operations will be performed in compliance with the standards adopted by the American National Standards Institute ANSI A300 for tree care management standards. All work is guaranteed as specified. All agreements are contingent upon accidents or delays beyond our control.

Any alteration in the specifications of the work to be performed which causes an increase in the contract price requires client authorization.

In circumstances where wind, storms, lightning or other perils create an immediate hazard to trees and branches thereof, JTS will not be liable for loss or damage to client property or adjoining property caused by tree removal or trimming of specified trees in those hazardous conditions.

In the event there is any change in the condition of the tree(s) or physical surroundings of the job site from time of inspection to job performance which would cause additional labor to accomplish the work, JTS may, as its option, adjust the contract price to reflect the increase in cost. Should adjusted price be unacceptable to the client, he / she may cancel the contract. Any deposit being held by JTS in excess of the time and materials charges incurred will be refunded to the client in those circumstances. Client agrees to provide JTS the exclusive use of the entire job site, including unobstructed access for JTS vehicles, during the performance of the proposed work.

JTS is not responsible for any cracks or other damage caused to sidewalks and/or driveways from our vehicles or equipment.

The client warrants that all trees listed in the contract are located on his/her property, and if not, that he / she has obtained permission from the adjoining owner to allow JTS to perform the specified work on them. Should any tree be mistakenly identified as to ownership, the client agrees to indemnify JTS for any costs or damages incurred as a result of the mistaken identification.

JTS makes a reasonable effort to ensure that their diagnosis is correct and recommends treatment options are appropriate and applied according to accepted industry guidelines. However, there are no express or implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose on our treatments.

The client agrees to pay JTS on a time and material basis according to its predetermined rate schedule for any additional work required to complete the job or time lost due to (including but not limited to) concrete or other foreign matter in the trunk or branches, active hornet or wasp nests or beehives, or any other conditions not apparent at the time the estimate was prepared. JTS will not be responsible for damages to underground utility lines, gas or sprinkler systems unless the client has notified JTS of their existence in advance. The client is responsible for marking the lines or providing a diagram of the system in advance of the work performed.

Unless otherwise specified herein, the wood, brush, and debris (except sawdust) incidental to the work will be removed from the premises of the client by JTS. In instances where wood are to be left at the job site for convenience of the client, all wood will by cut in approximately 5’to 10′ lengths and left unspilt at the tree stump site. Unless specifically stated, stump removal is not included.

By approving these terms and conditions you are giving Joseph Tree permission to send communications via email, phone or via text messaging.  You will have the option to opt out of future communication if so desired.

Notice to cancel this agreement must be given before midnight of the third business day after accepting this agreement

Acceptable payment for service performed by JTS is cash, check or credit card by request. If paying by credit card, JTS will add 3% processing fee to your invoice. Please send payment to Joseph Tree Service, LLC, 7665 Fishel Dr N Dublin, OH 43016. Make checks payable to: Joseph Tree Service, LLC.