Land Clearing Columbus Ohio

You’ve got a vision for your property, but trees, stumps and debris are in the way. When you need them removed, contact Joseph Tree. We offer a number of land clearing services to prepare your land for future projects, including tree removal, stump grinding and debris removal. Each service is provided by trained and certified professionals, so you can expect careful work and high-quality results. Contact us to learn more and request a quote.

Land Clearing Services

Tree Removal and Hauling

Joseph Tree can remove trees big and small from your land. We accomplish this using various methods and equipment. Traditional removal is used where there’s not enough space to safely fell trees. In cases where the traditional method won’t be effective, we use cranes. Man lift is used to remove sections of trees when they’re safe to climb, and felling allows us to bring trees down by felling them from the base or the ground. We then haul the trees off of your property so they’re not in your way. We also offer stump grinding to prevent regrowth.

We’ll determine the best method for your service based on the size and location of your land plus the number and size of your trees. Each service is performed by trained professionals who follow best practices.

There are many circumstances in which removing a tree is the best option, such as when a tree is diseased, dead, is too close to electrical lines, or poses a risk to public safety. Large root systems may also get in the way of new development projects and could cause structural issues in the future if they’re too close to the home or building. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help.

Lot Clearing

To uncover a smooth plot of land, Joesph Tree offers lot clearing services. We use equipment for hauling away brush, leaves, bushes, weeds, twigs, rotting branches, rocks and other debris, giving you a more usable space.

Land clearing gives the remaining plants more room to grow and makes it easier for water and sunlight to reach them. It also supports pest control efforts and reduces the fire risk posed by dried, overgrown vegetation. Lot clearing also prepares your land for grading and the installation of erosion control solutions.

Our Land Clearing Process


Before work begins, we provide a consultation and inspection to learn more about your trees, land, and goals for your land. This helps us come up with an action plan, including which equipment is needed and which methods we’ll use. We then provide an estimate and schedule your service on a day and time that’s convenient for you. After a team member does a final assessment of the site, we get to work removing the necessary trees, brush and other vegetation. We handle each step of the process with care and prioritize customer satisfaction throughout the project.


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When you need land cleared in Columbus, Ohio, trust Joseph Tree for quality results. Our team has the knowledge and experience to perform exceptional work and exceed your expectations. In addition to land clearing, we offer tree trimming and removing, stump grinding, and plant health care services. We also stay up to date on tree care best practices. Contact us to learn more and request a quote.

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