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Want to clean up your land while staying on budget? Forestry mulching is a cost-effective land clearing solution that’s great for residential and commercial properties in Columbus, Ohio. Our team has the knowledge and experience to tackle your land clearing needs, turning areas overgrown with vegetation into usable spaces. You can expect professional service and high-quality results for your Ohio property.

Columbus, Ohio’s Professional Forestry Mulcher

Our company offers mulching services to help transform the appearance of your land while supporting its health. This process involves turning trees, grass, vines, brush and more into mulch right on your land rather than hauling away the unwanted vegetation. Not only does this make your space look tidier, it provides the soil with beneficial nutrients and protects it from erosion. This can be performed as a stand-alone service or following other land clearing methods.

In this type of land clearing method, companies use a forestry mulcher to grind up vegetation while minimizing the disturbance to the soil. The mulch is then spread as evenly as possible over your land. It’s often less expensive and less time consuming than other land clearing methods as it typically requires fewer people and less equipment.

Our urban forestry experts are passionate about the care of trees and the health of the local environment. Contact us today for all of your Ohio land clearing needs.

Professional Service

Benefits of Forestry Mulching

This service offers a wide range of benefits, including making your land more visually appealing, saving you time and money, protecting the soil, and much more.

Cost Effective

Unlike other land clearing methods, which can require a team of experts and multiple pieces of equipment, this method typically only requires one expert and one machine. The process also only includes one step, whereas other methods involve multiple steps to clear your land and haul away brush and debris. This combination of a shorter process, less manual labor and fewer machines saves you money on your Ohio land clearing projects. It can also be performed in any weather condition, making it a convenient option.

Plant Health Care


Since this method of land clearing requires less equipment, it results in lower fuel emissions than other removal methods. It also protects the soil from erosion. While other clearing and removal methods uproot stumps and disturb the soil, mulch covers the soil as an erosion barrier. Mulch also gradually decomposes, providing the soil with important nutrients in the process.

Reduces Weeds and Pests

Want to keep weeds and ticks away? Mulch is an excellent solution. Mulch covers the ground and blocks sunlight from reaching weeds growing below, preventing them from growing. The lack of vegetation overgrowth also forces ticks to find more desirable habitats, so you don’t have as many to worry about.

Perfect for a Residential or Commercial Property

Mulching is an effective and convenient land clearing method for Ohio properties, from small residential backyards to large commercial land and everything in between. When you want to improve the appearance of your land while keeping the soil and remaining trees healthy, contact us for professional services.

Land Clearing, Brush Removal, and Other Tree Services

Let’s get your land looking its best! Our company offers a variety of additional tree services in the Columbus, Ohio area, including land clearing, removal, trimming, and preventative care for trees and plants.  

Land Clearing: When trees and debris are in the way, we can safely remove them and haul them off of your land.

Tree and Brush Removal: When removal is the best option, we use multiple methods, including traditional removal, crane removal, man lift, and felling. We can grind stumps and clear away brush, as well.

Trimming: Trees need maintenance to stay healthy and look their best. We offer multiple trimming methods, including corrective pruning, dead wooding, clearance pruning, and crown reduction.

Preventative Care: Trees and plants in urban areas often require more care than those in forested areas. We offer a wide range of health care options for trees and plants, including comprehensive and proactive care, observing and testing, treatment, and more. 

When you need a reliable, experienced land clearing company, contact Joseph Tree.


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When you need land cleared in Columbus, Ohio, trust Joseph Tree for quality results. Our team has the knowledge and experience to perform exceptional work and exceed your expectations. In addition to land clearing, we offer tree trimming and removing, stump grinding, and plant health care services. We also stay up to date on tree care best practices. Contact us to learn more and request a quote.

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