May Climber of the Month!

Green Thumb Up

Our May Climber of the Month is Holdan Oyster! We sat down with him to talk about all things trees.

Favorite Tree: Swamp White Oak

Arborist ID: OH-6859A

How long have you been working at Joseph Tree? How long have you been doing tree work?

I began working at Joseph Tree four years ago with no prior tree work experience.

How did you end up in the tree care industry and what is your favorite part about it?

Honestly, my brother asked if I wanted a job at Joseph Tree and I said yes. My favorite part about it would be the challenge that each new tree brings because almost every job and tree can be done a
different way.

Favorite thing to do while at Joseph Tree?

Climbing and moving through large canopied trees reminds you that you’re alive, as well as being picked up by a crane, really gets the blood pumping!

What’s your favorite thing to do while not at work?

I enjoy working out, playing video games, and going out with friends.

Favorite movie?

I’m going to cheat and say the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Favorite vacation spot?

The Grand Canyon

Any random facts about you that you could share?

I am the youngest of six, can cook 1-minute rice in 58 seconds, look great in short shorts, have never run a chainsaw before this job, make a great euchre partner, can and will eat my body weight in chocolate.